Avsnitt 8 - "Bees"

Premiärdatum: 26 november 2004 (BBC 2)

Rich Hall
(vinnare med 5 poäng)
7:e gången

Fred MacAulay (4 poäng)
1:a gången

Jo Brand (-8 poäng)
8:e gången

Alan Davies (-19 poäng)

  • Bees discovered that the world was round, as they used the Sun as a radar to find nectar. Bin upptäckte att världen var rund, eftersom de använde sön som radar för att hitta nektar. Out of all the bees in the world, only the honey bee dies, when it stings you, but wasps are more likely to die after stinging you. Av alla bin i världen, bara honungsbiet dör, när det svider dig, men getingar är mer benägna att dö efter stickande dig.

  • Bees buzz because they control their breathing through 14 valves on their body known as spiracles. Bin surr eftersom de kontrollera sin andning genom 14 ventiler på kroppen kallas spiracles. Less than 1% of the noise comes from their wings. Mindre än 1% av bullret kommer från vingarna. The bees breathing is a comparison to a human using a trumpet. Bina andning är en jämförelse med en människa med en trumpet. (felaktigt: Wings) (felaktigt: Wings)

  • Barnacles were thought to be the embryos of a Barnacle Goose. Havstulpaner ansågs vara embryon till en vitkindad gås. Barnacles have the biggest penis of any existing animal, relative to their size. Havstulpaner har den största penisen av befintliga djur i förhållande till sin storlek. It's 7 times bigger than its shell. Det är 7 gånger större än dess skal. [1]

  • Nelson inspired his men after he died by asking them to store his body in a barrel of brandy on the journey back from Cape Trafalgar to Portsmouth. Nelson inspirerade sina män efter att han dog genom att be dem att spara sin kropp i en tunna konjak på resan tillbaka från Kap Trafalgar till Portsmouth. It's believed that his men used tubes of macaroni through the barrel to have a drink and the phrase "Tapping The Admiral" was made, but this story is believed to be untrue. Man tror att hans män använde rör av makaroner genom pipan för att ta en drink och frasen "Tapping The Admiral" gjordes, men denna berättelse tros vara osanna.

  • Male anglerfish are deemed to be pathetic compared to their female counterparts, because they are 6 times smaller and after latching on to the female while mating , they disappear until their testes were left on the female's body. Man marulk bedöms vara patetisk jämfört med sina kvinnliga motsvarigheter, eftersom de är 6 gånger mindre och efter låsning på den kvinnliga medan parning , försvinner tills deras testiklar var kvar på honans kropp. The rod on top of the anglerfish's head is bioluminescent. Stången på toppen av marulk huvud är bioluminiscerande.

  • Chicken tikka masala was invented in Glasgow and it glows in the dark, thanks to a company called Biolume , who have created a chemical that makes food glow in the dark. Chicken tikka masala uppfanns i Glasgow och det lyser i mörkret, tack vare ett företag som heter Biolume , som har skapat en kemikalie som gör mat lyser i mörkret. Chicken tikka masala doesn't exist in Bangladesh or India. Chicken tikka masala finns inte i Bangladesh eller Indien. In a restaurant in Glasgow, a chicken tandoori was made and a customer asked for some gravy on it, so the chef improvised with tomato soup , cream and spices. I en restaurang i Glasgow, en kyckling tandoori gjordes och en kund frågade för vissa sås på det, så kocken improviserade med tomatsoppa , grädde och kryddor. It has no official definition , but it can be any temperature or any colour. Robin Cook claims it is the "great British national dish ". Det har ingen officiell definition , men det kan vara vilken temperatur som eller färg. Robin Cook hävdar att det är den "stora brittiska nationella maträtt ".

  • It's possible to live in Mexico and not get complaints from your neighbours about eating Smut , a fungus that is grown there. Det är möjligt att bo i Mexiko och inte få klagomål från dina grannar om att äta Smut , en svamp som odlas där.

  • Which has more caffeine a cup of tea or a cup of coffee ? Som har mer koffein - en kopp te eller en kopp kaffe ? A cup of coffee contain 3 times more caffeine than a cup of tea. - En kopp kaffe innehåller 3 gånger mer koffein än en kopp te. Weight for weight though there is more caffeine in tea. Vikt för vikt men det finns mer koffein i te. (felaktigt: Cup Of Tea) (Förverkad kopp te)

  • The only ball game completely invented in the United States is basketball. Den enda matchen helt uppfanns i USA är basket. Originally, the basket was a peach basket , but they didn't put a hole in it, so every time there was a score, they had to get a ladder to get the ball out. Ursprungligen var korgen en persika korg , men de lade inte ett hål i den, så varje gång det var en poäng, var de tvungna att få en stege för att få bollen ut. A woman then created netball , but she misinterpreted the rules and thought that you had to stay still when you received the ball. Volleyball was also invented at Springfield College like basketball and netball. Lacrosse was also invented in America, but it was before it became the United States. En kvinna skapade sedan netball , men hon misstolkade reglerna och tänkte att du var tvungen att stanna stilla när du fick bollen. Volleyboll också uppfanns i Springfield College som basket och basket. Lacrosse också uppfanns i Amerika, men det var innan det blev USA. (felaktigt: Baseball) (felaktigt: Baseball)

  • Nelson's last words were "Drink, drink, fan, fan, rub, rub!" Nelsons sista ord var "Drick, dryck, fläkt, fläkt, gnugga, gnugga!" This was a request to alleviate his symptoms of thirst, heat and the pains of his wounds from battle. Detta var en begäran att lindra sina symptom på törst, värme och smärta i hans sår från slaget. He was given lemonade , water and wine to alleviate his thirst, he was fanned by a fan and another person massaged his back. Han fick saft , vatten och vin för att lindra sin törst, han underblåses av en fläkt och en annan person masserade ryggen. "Kiss me, Hardy" is what was actually claimed to be said, "Kismet, Hardy" is completely made-up.(felaktigt: Kismet , Hardy) "Kyss mig, Hardy" är vad som faktiskt påstods sägas, "Kismet, Hardy" är helt konfektionerade (förverkad. Kismet , Hardy)

l leave you with the thought that while most of us drink at the fountain of wisdom, others merely gargle. Good night.

Stephen: Honey bees have evolved a complex language to tell each other where the best nectar is, using the sun as a reference point. Amazingly, they can also do this on overcast days and at night by calculating the position of the sun on the other side of the world. This means they can actually learn and store information.
Alan: Has it occurred to you that they may not be using the sun? That whoever has worked that out is wrong? And is now saying even when you can't see it, or it's on the other side of the world, they still use it. And the bees are thinking, ''No, we don't, we just remember where we live!''
Alan: Why is it so remarkable that they know where they live?
Stephen: Well, because they have only 950,000 neurons, as opposed to our ten billion neurons in our brains.
Alan: But they've only got one thing to remember - where they live.

Stephen: Now, why are male anglers so pathetic? The female is very impressive. The male has a sad life. lt must be the feeblest male in nature. Six times smaller than the female. When they find a mate, they latch on to them with their teeth and immediately start to disappear. Scales, bones, blood vessels, all merge into those of the female, and after a week all that's left are two tiny little testes, which leak sperm into the female.
Jo Brand: That sounds very much like my marriage.

Stephen: Fungus, exactly.
Alan: lt's a fungus, like a little.., Why did the mushroom go to the party?
Jo Brand: No, no.
Stephen: Oh, not that joke! Why did the mushroom go to the party, Alan?
Alan: Because he was a fungi.
Stephen: Lovely. Lovely.
Alan: What's wrong with that joke, then?
Jo Brand: That's a joke for, like, an imbecile. You know, kind of, 0.7 years old.
Alan: What's brown and sticky?
Jo Brand: Oh, no. l don't know. Yeah, l do...A stick.
Alan: What do you call a boomerang that won't come back? A stick.
Stephen: Do you have any other jokes where the punch line's as good?
Alan: Loads.
Stephen: All right.
Alan: What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot.

References The biggest penis. o House M.D. - episode 2x17 ("All In") - 2007 While playing poker with Dr. Wilson at the end of the episode, House remarks, "You know, relative to its size, the barnacle has the largest penis of any animal." Looks like someone's been watching QI. (We already know he TiVos Blackadder.)

  • J.R. Hartley. o This refers to a 1980s television advert for the Yellow Pages directory, in which an author, J. R. Hartley, attempts to find a copy of his own book. The book itself is fictitious (although one on the same subject was later released by an author using that pseudonym to promote it), but is often used as a metaphor for a wild-goose chase, or to prompt one. o A Bit of Fry and Laurie - 2x06 - 1990 The J. R. Hartley advert was parodied in a Boffle sketch that starts with an old man coming into a bookshop to ask for a copy of Fly Fishing. Misters Fry and Laurie inform him regretfully that they had a shop full of copies the day before and he only just missed them; would he like a Yellow Pages instead? The man insists on ordering a copy over the phone, even though he is already in the shop, so Stephen and Hugh play along. When they reassure him that Yellow Pages are indeed in stock, he delightfully reveals that his name is L. O. Pages. Referenser Den största penis. O House MD - episod 2x17 ("All In") - 2007 När du spelar poker med Dr Wilson i slutet av episoden, Hus kommentarer, "Du vet, i förhållande till sin storlek, har havstulpanen störst penis av alla slags djur." Ser ut som någon har varit att titta på QI. (Vi vet redan att han TiVos Blackadder.)

  • J.R. Hartley. o Detta hänvisar till en 1980 TV-annons för Gula Sidorna katalog, där en författare, JR Hartley, försöker hitta en kopia av sin egen bok. Boken i sig är fiktiv (även en om samma ämne släpptes senare av en författare använder den pseudonym för att främja det), men används ofta som en metafor för en vild-goose chase eller att uppmana en. o A Bit of Fry och Laurie - 2x06 - 1990 JR Hartley annons parodierades i en Boffle skiss som börjar med en gammal man som kommer in i en bokhandel för att be om en kopia av flugfiske. Luftsprutor Fry och Laurie informera honom tyvärr att de hade en butik full av kopior dagen innan och han bara missade dem, vill han en Gula Sidorna istället? Mannen insisterar på att beställa en kopia via telefon, trots att han redan i butiken, så Stephen och Hugh spela med. När de försäkra honom om att Gula Sidorna är verkligen i lager, avslöjar han härligt att hans namn är LO sidor.